Stop logitech updating

” he wrote in a Logitech support forum thread devoted to the keyboard lag. It’s a fairly safe assumption that this somewhat-awkward text will at some point be replaced with something more meaningful, like the name of the accessory being used rather than a generic placeholder — assuming this is indeed a new feature of the latest beta release.

Once users accept the new firmware, they are provided with updates as to how far along the flashing process the system is, with the whole thing completing before control of the device is handed back over.

Within the last few days my pause/play buttons have stopped working.

The only workaround we are currently aware of to resolve the issue for affected users is to Uninstall KB4013429 update or restore from restore point After uninstalling the update, Windows may re-install it again because Windows 10 will always kept up to date with the latest features and fixes.

Here is how to temporarily prevent a Windows Update from reinstalling in Windows 10.

Replacing Comp Pkg with an older version fixes the problem, but we do not recommend this.

Until we get a better solution from Microsoft, then uninstalling the latest Win 10 update (KB4013429) is probably the recommended way to go for affected users who need to get XSplit running again.