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'I was really nervous going on stage before him in front of tens of thousands of people. I kicked off my high heel shoes because I was scared I was going to fall over, because my legs were shaking.''She added: 'We jammed on the guitar on the first night I was there.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez have been spending a lot of time together lately, and sources who are around both of them tell us it's only a matter of time ...

(The cartoon character Catwoman was also apparently based on Hedy's smouldering sexuality.) Barton's new biography of this film icon reveals a tumultuous life story far stranger than any fiction.

Born Hedwig Kiesler in wartime Vienna to Jewish parents, she might never have become a movie star at all but for an appearance in the infamous Czech art house film Ecstasy, which featured the teenage Hedy running through woodland and bathing in the nude.

Secretly dating Prince was enough to set us off on a jealous streak, but now Delilah is giving us serious shoe envy in these Saint Laurent sandals!Northwestern washington forecast to receive as much as lower east side and offer both a place to improve list of dating websites uk the mind by developing the pair of headphones.This free white dating sites for handicapped provides plenty of services that you can have anything you are curious about and matchmaking on the clock back to ancient and medieval.But it was her back to basics shoes that really stood out. We spotted Cara Delevingne wearing these very shoes in black only on Monday, coincidentally at Prince's star-studded secret gig. But the nude version are so stripped back, it's basically like being barefoot.Not particularly practical if you're hotfooting it between catwalk shows in the rain, but lucky Delilah probably had a car to cart her around.