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Hey, if you’re smashing the homie, you’re smashing the homie..Don’t be cool with me one day and then when you smash my ex, you don’t want to talk to me no more.” Diamond, 26, responded by posting a meme of a monkey smoking a cigarette on her Instagram page. but continue…” Daniel, who last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, told gossip tabloid that he doesn’t believe in divorce.How are you feeling about Scrappy’s relationship with Bambi this season? I say what I mean and I mean what I say and she likes that about me. There has been social network back and forth, little subliminal comments. I know there are certain females fighting for that position and they can’t get it. That’s something new that’s not gonna stay around in my eyes. I came in the picture maybe three years after they met and I knew their situation but then he was dealing with [rapper] Diamond from Crime Mob who he was living with. Shay: Scrappy dealt with and known Erica [Dixon] for over ten years.After the couple broke up, he realized he needed to re-examine his life.

We caught up with the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star about Scrappy’s new ladies and getting in good with Momma Dee and we think she alluded to maybe making a pop up this season. She happens to have an unconditional love for me because I’m genuine.

And it’s unfortunate that the world has not seen that, as of now, but like I said I haven’t went anywhere and I’m not going nowhere. What exactly is the timeline with Scrappy Erica Dixon, you, Bambi and Erica Pinkett?

Shay: I was told [Bambi] was sleeping with him when he was dealing with other women — living with other women, so you really can’t get mad if somebody is messing with a guy that you’ve been dealing with and you were doing the same thing to another female. Do you think that their relationship is just for the cameras? Shay: I know what we have and I know where I stand and how long I’ve been around, ya know?

But I’m doing me with him, and that’s the great part. People on social media have been saying she’s the “new Shay.” Shay: Who’s Pinky? When he had his breakup with Diamond and when I had my breakup, that’s how we ended up getting together. Why do you think she doesn’t seem to like Bambi or Erica P? We hang out all the time and she will tell anybody I’m her baby.

He and I were just friends for the first four years, no sexual contact, no nothing.