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It’s one of those things where the paparazzi people are taking pictures of us at the same time. Following the Solange/Jay Z incident, 50 Cent released a video mocking the matter.

You just have to accept it…If you do something back…It’s like if you’re in an elevator and you get attacked, you can’t do nothing.” When discussing the elevator, 50 Cent is likely referencing Jay Z’s altercation with Solange Knowles, which took place in an elevator.

2) The gameplay consists of pointing and clicking on really obvious parts of a picture, or buttons. 3) The only sound in the game is on the CD-ROM version, and all *that* does is play some redbook audio when you stick a CD in the player in the game.

(Not only that, but you're given a choice of 5 albums, but are only allowed to pick one!

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It’s hard to find a football team you want to play for when you’re far from home.

Just ask World Cup winner Cesc Fabregas, who probably spends much time in his North London home day-dreaming of his native Catalonia.

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That was my problem too when I moved from London to Los Angeles.

Just as Cesc has valiantly tried to put down roots at Arsenal, I nearly found my fantasy footie home with the glamorously titled Hollywood United – until a violent run-in with a Sex Pistol smashed my dreams.