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Sometimes she is financially secure due to her divorce settlement. First, they'll pay for everything until you're interested, and then BAM. He has financial troubles, and they're never his fault. If you suspect that your man is dating you for your money, finding out whether or not he's in a lot of debt or if he's borrowed money (and not repaid the loan) is crucial." The first step?

Other times, she's the successful career woman," says dating and relationship coach Julie Spira.2. According to Kirschner, you must "get them to talk about their last serious relationship or marriage and how it ended.

A gold digger can be hard to spot with the untrained eye.

They can be male or female and their intentions aren't always clear from the start.

When you’re in the room, it’s as though no one else exists. You wish you could put your finger on it, but even if you could who would you ask? How does anyone who hasn’t dated one know they are involved with a gold digger? They would either tell you you’re imagining things and she’s the best thing that ever happened to you, or to dump her. Better to know what you’re dealing with and then make a decision. If you tell one, you may as well tell them all as they rush to warn the rest of your tribe to be on high alert on your behalf. What you find may be valuable to you, for a number of reasons, in the long run. In order to be concerned about a gold digger, one must have gold to dig.

Is she really that into you, or are you dating a gold digger? Let’s look at key areas, and if an alarm goes off in any, just like with a metal detector, it may be worth having a closer look.

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So in a relationship, rely on your gut instinct and watch out for these signs that indicate you might be dating a gold digger: First date conversations: These aren’t like normal date conversations where you get to know each other or your hobbies or what you do in free time.The days you wonder how you landed up having such a hot and amazing partner, you need to check if it’s your love or dough that they are aiming for.It’s not difficult to come across gold diggers if you are earning enough and there’s no gender bias.It's not just women who are successful in business. According to dating and relationship coach Nicole Johnson, "A man is dating you for your pecuniary prestige if he consistently proposes you go shopping together, makes continual references about traveling with you or constantly suggests going out to expensive venues."It's easy to go from talking about future romantic trips to suddenly paying for vacations.Recent widows and divorcees can become providers as well."Perhaps [the potential sugar mama's] spouse has died and she was left a significant amount of money. Diana Kirschner takes it in the opposite direction by stressing that he'll be a total gentleman when you first meet. She mentions that "If the person is a true gold digger, it can be hard to tell in the beginning because he's often are putting on a full-court press in order to win you."Spira backs this up by saying that these charming men will pull out all of the stops just so you'll fall for them. She confirms that "Often they will pretend to have their own money, but in reality, they are borrowing from Visa to pay Mastercard [so they can] finance the relationship until you're hooked."Eventually he'll stop paying for things and assume that you'll provide and pay for things most or all of the time.3. Does he only like to go to the fanciest restaurants? That's why Julie Spira advises "If you're concerned someone is dating you for your money, leave your wallet and purse behind." Don't let yourself fall into the trap of buying or accepting extravagant gifts.4.