The hollow line in dating chinese porcelains

A () An adjective, commonly called the indefinite article, and signifying one or any, but less emphatically.

Aard-vark (n.) An edentate mammal, of the genus Orycteropus, somewhat resembling a pig, common in some parts of Southern Africa.

The term also refers to crude handmade ware made in various parts of Frisia in the CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: Pottery embodying chopped grass or straw in its fabric as a tempering agent.

WILLIAMS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MUSEUM OF ANTHROPOLOGY: : Catlogue of an Exhibition Held in the W. [Japanese Sword Furniture, Chinese Sculpture, Bronzes, Gilt Buddha, Ceramics, Ivory, Snuff Bottles, Lacquerware, Netsuke Amber, Japanese Prints, Paintings, Scrolls &c.][GIAN GUO JI BEN JIAN SHE ZHONG CHU TU WEN WU ZHAN...] comp. OBJECTS D' ART ET PEINTURES DE LA CHINE ET DU JAPON. GEORGE EUMORFOPOULOS COLLECTION CATALOGUE OF THE CHINESE, COREAN, CHINESE, AND PERSIAN POTTERY. **FIRST & ONLY LIMITED, NUMBERED & SIGNED COPIES**LEGEZA, Ireneus L. HAYASHI, T[adamasa.]LA COLLECTION HAYASHI: Dessins, Estampes, Livres Illustres. Abraxas (n.) A mystical word used as a charm and engraved on gems among the ancients; also, a gem stone thus engraved.Abrupt (a.) Without notice to prepare the mind for the event; sudden; hasty; unceremonious.