Whos dating whofrank sinatra

Frank first sang New York New York in public in October 1978, during a charity event at Waldorf-Astoria.

Sinatra the wise showman allowed the applause and the cheers to reach a high decibel peak, and descend into a deliciously tense, expectant silence.

Chris Martin has some nice things to say about Rihanna.

According to the Coldplay frontman, his partner on the band's 2011 single "Princess of China" "is the Frank Sinatra of our generation." It may sound a bit strange, considering their different genders and genres, but Martin offered a good explanation when speaking with for an extensive interview.

Or there's a book by Alfred Tomatis about why some people like certain people's voices and other people hate them, like Bob Dylan or me or whoever, some people say, ' Oh, I hate that voice', so there's a thing about people's frequency responses -- what they are pleased by.

Rihanna has this thick tone, so it's very hard to annoy anybody." Martin went on to compare Rihanna's voice to a "beautifully squeezed tube of toothpaste," which is a bit of an odd analogy but one we can all surely relate to on some level.

“I sent him the song, and he said he would listen to it.

His best work is standards —Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, and the Gershwins —but Sinatra, despite his 1957 denunciation of rock & roll as degenerate, has recorded songs by the likes of Stevie Wonder, George Harrison, Jimmy Webb, and Billy Joel.

Sinatra the artist would bring the audience along the heights again, but on his terms.

He puffed on a cigarette, sipped from a glass of wine. Unforgettable” The following part is from the book Sinatra! By far the most commercially successful number of The Present –on all of Trilogy, in fact- was not any kind of youth-directed pop-art at all but what amounts to a show tune from a flop film, “New York New York.” Frank Military, who had left Sinatra’s employ at the end of the Capitol era, rightfully busts his buttons with pride at having been the first to pull Sinatra’s coattails to this piece of material.

The singer's daughter Nancy told Mo Rocca on CBS Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood that he once told her that if he could go back in time he would have stayed with her mother, who still pines for him today.

Nancy said that Gardner was friends with Harry Cohn, the former director of Columbia Pictures, which produced the film and told him: 'You know who should play Maggio, don't you, that son of a b***h ex-husband of mine'.

Whos dating whofrank sinatra