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She ends up telling her current boyfriend that its his baby.

(Not to mention Rachel and Maggie from Rachel's Holiday and Angels by association)THOSE WHO HAVE SEEN THE TV ADAPTATION AND HATED IT: Please, please, PLEASE read the book. It will reaffirm your faith in humanity, which has probably been destroyed after watching this piece of trash.

The first pick are on sale now with a 227g punnet available for £3 (€3.60).

She applies for a job but ends up getting sick during the interview.

You’ve fooled them with a crafty-angle selfie and a flattering filter. Relieving yourself in one of the mood-lit booths whilst listening to the ambient sounds of birdsong definitely counts for an experience in itself – and hopefully will be attractive enough to prevent any extra-urinary activity.

Or even better, chop up a watermelon using a guillotine. A visit to the loos at Sketch is kind of like stumbling across a multi-coloured spaceship in the middle of Soho.