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But Perkins said she was determined to have the child, despite her disappointment and fear.

“It tore me apart because I really didn’t want to have or raise a child on my own.” Perkins said she continued to raise her son alone through the years, with neither contact nor financial support from Johnson.

"Michael loves all of his kids unconditionally, but he was shocked to find out about Jasmine. "Michael and (his ex-wife) Juanita are both at a loss, and they're con­cerned about how this will affect Jasmine's future." Jasmine, a junior at Syracuse University has yet to confirm whether she's gay or not, but she posted a message on Instagram, saying, "Until Love, Trust, Honesty, Repost, Loyalty, Commitment, Genuine, Happiness and other charactertsitics or aspects I want in a relationship is defined by one gender then and only then will I discuss my sexual preference." According to the source, Magic told Michael to "just love her and to let her know that she owes it to herself to be 100 percent genuine and to live her life to the fullest." "Magic told him all of those things can still happen for Jasmine," the source added.

Stiviano, “Why are you taking pictures with minorities? ” Stiviano, who is of black and Latin heritage, replies: “People call you and tell you that I have black people on my Instagram, and it bothers you?According to Radar Online, an Atlanta woman by the name of Renee Perkins has come forward with the claim that she had a child from an early 1980s relationship with basketball great Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who allegedly took off after Perkins revealed her pregnancy to him.Perkins told Radar Online that she raised her son Chauncey on her own despite several attempts to prove Johnson’s paternity. Charles Tucker tried to convince her to abort the child. Tucker] told me I really had to get an abortion, and that Magic was not going to be with me because he had his career to worry about,” she said.Three years later, Perkins says she had a phone conversation with Johnson in which he allegedly confirmed his paternity and consented to a blood test.These claims however are called into question by the lack of documented proof of paternity — including the 1985 blood test the results of which are non-existent.