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And despite knowing that the schoolgirls could view his Facebook profile, Reynolds posted a tasteless tagline that read, “I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ll take a look inside,” according to the special commissioner of investigation for the New York City school district.Reynolds, 37, protested to The Post that his case “was thrown out. The Board of Ed found that the claims were not valid,” even though the Department of Education confirmed that he had been cut loose because of the social-networking scandal.Some things never change.'Lisa also chimed in, adding that the reporter's innuendo is 'so eighties'.It's not the first time the Today hosts have taken a playful swipe at Richard, who has a reputation of being a ladies' man.Unless your text was intercepted by the CIA (trust us — it wasn't), he got your message.

'Cackling, he added: 'I mean, we could take that into a whole different territory!

Your quirky humor sets you apart, but the downside to keeping your tone ultra-light is that the conversation never goes anywhere romantic.

Think a few steps ahead to what you really want — like a chance to hang out — then steer your conversation in that direction by mentioning your plans for the weekend or a movie you really want to see.

Laughing eases that tension and is a good opportunity to get a little closer. Too much too soon can turn a guy off, but just enough each time you talk will make you , and guys like a girl they can’t quite figure out. A good flirt always keeps it together, and a lot of that comes through communication. Asking questions makes you seem caring and interested, and can also help refrain you from talking too much about yourself. If he is, this is how you keep things alive between the two of you for a longer period of time. Walk around the party, giggle with your girlfriends and make a point to talk to a few other guys – but you’re not making him jealous, that’s a whole different story. You don’t him to know, he may begin to wonder on his own. The main thing to remember is: boys love a chase (as do us girls), so keep him running!

It’s okay to talk about something personal every now and then, as long as it’s relevant, but keep the details to a minimum and the waterworks at bay. You’re just showing him that you’re independent and can have a good time even when he’s not around. But whether or not he asks, keeping him up-to-date on your every move will make you seem needy, and you don’t want that! Let him in just enough, but keep the fire fueled with a hearty mix of flirtation and mystery.