How to not be a pushover in dating

Between her poor treatment of me and her lying, I decided I had to leave or go insane.

After some time apart, the greater part of a year, Kacey messaged me, wanting to be friends.

We seem to put other people's happiness and convenience over our own.

May it be because we love them, and we just want to keep pleasing them, or because we're afraid to disappoint them.

Kacey is the woman I’ve waited my whole life for, but I’ve made many serious errors with her.

Most people these days are having a hard time saying no.Even though your gut tells you it doesn't feel right and sometimes even to the point that you know you're being taken advantage of, you still let yourself get pushed around. The moment we let people have what they want against our better judgment, we know instantly that it's plain wrong.I, for one, always had a hard time asserting myself.Now that we’ve been dating for a while, making all the decisions is starting to get old. My boyfriend tends to avoid spontaneity at all costs because he can’t predict the outcome.He likes situations to be comfortable and agreeable for everyone, which is nice, but not terribly exciting. I can be overly passionate about issues, so I’ve been known to start some seriously heated arguments. He’ll let me blow up or vent my problems, and then that’s it. I’ve always figured, if I’m not vocal, I can’t complain about not getting what I want.